I’m not a medical professional.

Welcome one and all. If you’re here it’s because you either a) know me personally and are being a good friend or b) also have the pleasure of dancing through life with crippling anxiety. Option A’s, thanks for caring and Option B’s, nice to see you, hang your coat up by the door and have a seat, but not before overthinking every single option in front of you…I’ll give you a minute.

Let me start off by saying I’m not a professional, I don’t have all the answers, and this is not medical advice. If you’re seeing a therapist…listen to them first, okay. If you’re not and you can afford one, consider it. If you’re not seeing a therapist because you don’t have access to one, this is 100% for you. The way I manage my life might not work for you, but don’t knock things till you try them.

“But Lauren, this blog is named after a medication, not therapy!” Yeah, I know.  Without medication, I wouldn’t have stepped foot in another therapist’s office, so maybe this is all an ode to Lexapro. Who knows.

I’ve recently had a pretty awesome breakthrough with my anxiety and panic, and I realized that many people don’t have access to the resources that have helped me get here. I’m not healed (you never will be) but I am managing and I am healthy. So, I thought about how maybe…just maybe…the things I’ve learned might be able to help someone else. And, if not, at least I have a record of my thoughts on the internet for me to turn to when shit goes whack (which it does and will continue to do).

So, hang tight, this is going to be bumpy albeit entertaining ride.



(This is me, Now you know what the crazy lady looks like.)

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